City Planner I

City of Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs, TX United States

Under supervision of the Executive Manager of the Public Works and Development Department and direction of the Senior Planner, provides a variety of routine and complex planning, zoning, and historic preservation permit review, code compliance, and technical work in the administration of municipal government. Provides information to city staff upon request. Coordinates projects with the Planning Assistant, Public Works, Building, Parks and Community Services, and Planning and Development staff, property owners, developers, Development Agreement Working Group, and planning/development consultants.
1. Assists Senior Planner in performance of all tasks assigned related to activities that may include planning, zoning, historic preservation, and development agreement review.
2. Exercises independent judgment in preparation and presentation of staff reports and provides assistance to a variety of commissions, boards, and the City Council.
3. Draws plans, diagrams, graphs, tables, charts, and maps using drafting and drawing tools.
4. Assists Senior Planner in management of planning-related agenda items for Planning and Zoning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, City Council, and other commission, committee and board meetings as necessary.
5. Coordinates and attends pre-submittal and technical review meetings on development projects.
6. Under direction of Senior Planner, coordinates with city staff, consultants, and Development Agreement Working Group on largescale or complicated development projects.

7. Assists Senior Planner in management of development agreements and planned development districts. Coordinate with developer, city staff, Development Agreement Working Group, and consultants. Provide technical assistance, prepare reports, coordinate meetings, and prepare and keep track of project timelines.
8. Updates data as necessary and back-ups data regularly. Prepares maps for staff reports, and updates Official City Map, Zoning Map, ETJ Map, Transportation Plan Map and Trail Plan Map on regular basis.
9. Works with the Senior Planner, City Engineer, Building Official, Planning Assistant, Utility and Building Permit Coordinator, Building Permit Technicians, and other City officials/staff/consultants when necessary to review planning and development applications and permits.
10. Confers with and advises members of the general public, property owners, architects, engineers, developers, consultants, and others regarding planning, development, and permitting policies, procedures, and standards.
11. Aids in the development and administration of comprehensive and subsidiary plans for the physical development of the City. Advises planning and development staff and City officials of proposed comprehensive plan amendments and development of new plans.
12. Assists in the development of plans for land use patterns, housing needs, parks and recreation opportunities, highways and transportation systems, economic development, and other aspects of future growth and development.
13. Works with Senior Planner in management of annexations of land into the City’s corporate boundary. Coordinates with Planning Assistant regarding required public notices.
14. Reviews site plans, subdivision plats and prepares comments for zoning, land use, annexation, and variance cases as assigned by Senior Planner.
15. Assists Senior Planner in taking lead in City planning process to involve interest groups, citizens, and public officials in stimulating and thought-provoking ways.
16. Collaborates with Senior Planner in creation of applications including but not limited to zoning amendments, historic preservation certificates of appropriateness, development agreements, subdivisions, site developments, and others as determined by the City Administrator or Deputy City Administrator.
17. Assists in maintenance of all Development Department Records.
18. Formulates staff recommendations and status reports.

19. Represents the City at various meetings. Attends Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council meetings on an as-need basis as determined by City Planner I or other superiors.
20. Attends workshops/conferences/training as approved by the City.
21. Travels to various project sites and meetings in and out of the City.
22. Performs other duties are assigned.

Must possess a Bachelor degree in planning, geography, urban studies, architecture, landscape architecture, or related field. Master’s degree preferred. Candidates with a Bachelor degree must have at least two (2) years of planning, land use, development, or related work experience. Candidates with a Master’s degree in planning, urban studies, geography, landscape architecture, architecture, or related field are exempt from work experience requirement. Previous work experience for a City and/or development firm preferred. Must be proficient at public speaking and delivering presentations to boards, committees, commissions, City Council and staff.

Experience Level
Mid I (1-4 years)
AICP Level
Land Use and Development Regulation and Zoning
Salary Range

Contact Information

Amanda Padilla
511 Mercer St
Dripping Springs, TX
United States
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