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Zoning Ordinance Update - City of Burleson

The City of Burleson is requesting Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from qualified, multidisciplinary professionals in the fields of urban planning, architecture, historic preservation, Form Based Codes, community development and computer visualization to assist in the preparation of a new Zoning Ordinance and design guidelines. The current Zoning Ordinance was adopted 2010, and has been amended periodically from time to time. In its current form, the Ordinance fails to meet the City’s needs in several areas. It is a conventional use based, “Euclidean” model ordinance that segregates uses and offers little guidance on how streets and buildings will function, and on the form or human interaction elements of neighborhood development. The City desires professional planning and zoning assistance to explore and develop a practical and useable hybrid ordinance that incorporates the goals identified in the City’s Comprehensive Plan update effort, currently underway. The City’s Comprehensive Plan identifies 20 goals for Burleson’s future. The plan outlines a general growth and development vision for the City and several specific goals with certain recommendations intended to assist in the accomplishment of that goal. Staff has included our draft Comprehensive Plan goals still under consideration by the City Council, which should be adopted by the time the contract is really underway.

DUE: AUGUST 17, 2020 BY 3:00 PM CST



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