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City of Hudson Oaks Comprehensive Plan Update 

The City of Hudson Oaks is seeking a qualified firm for their professional services in updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan and preparing related documents such as policies, plans, maps, and development implementation strategies. The City’s current Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2012. The City intends to grant a single contract, for the services requested, to a primary consultant that will assemble and lead a multidisciplinary project team of one or more sub-consultants. All firms seeking to submit a proposal will need to register their intent with the City Managers office. 

Once the consultant is selected the project is expected to begin on April 26, 2021. Even though the completion of the Comprehensive Plan is dependent on interactions and the speed of the City’s decision-making process, the proposer is required to provide their own completion timeline in their proposal. 

Firms submitting a proposal shall submit one ( 1 ) original in digital format and one ( 1 ) hard copy with “Original” marked on it. The proposal must be marked “City of Hudson Oaks Comprehensive Plan Update” and sent to: 

City of Hudson Oaks 

Attn: City Secretary 

210 Hudson Oaks Dr. 

Hudson Oaks, TX 76087 

The proposal must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, March 29, 2021. Any proposals received after the submittal deadline will be voided and returned unopened to the respondent. 

Any questions concerning the project must be submitted no later than seven ( 7 ) business days before the submittal due date. All registered firms intending to submit a proposal will have the authority to ask questions and receive answers regarding the project. For questions relating to the scope of services and project requirements also information regarding this solicitation, contact Sterling Naron, City Administrator, at (682) 229-2408, or email at 

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