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Tactical Urbanism: Project Delivery for a Post-Pandemic World


The Great Recession of 2008 gave rise to both city and citizen led Tactical Urbanism projects, those low-cost, short-term efforts intended to catalyze lasting neighborhood improvements. More than a decade later the practice has matured into a legitimized, sanctioned urban design and project delivery methodology practiced globally in communities large and small. And now, with the Coronavirus and its related economic fallout upending our way of life once more, Tactical Urbanism provides an opportunity for cities and advocates to advance existing or develop new projects in a time of constrained resources and social uncertainty. In this webinar, participants will dig into the details of what Tactical Urbanism is, how the methodology was developed, and how it may help communities respond to current and future crises.


Equity and Public Transportation: Current Trends and Recommendations


​Equitable public transportation means more than just affordable transit. It requires a holistic approach to understand that People of Color (POC) must play an integral role in determining transit routes, frequency of service, design and construction, contracting opportunities and overall planning and programming. And with a nationwide movement to reinvest in public transit agencies, Planners have an opportunity to reshape transit through the equity lense, developing innovative policies and implementing neighborhood based strategies that are born from the community and its riders.​ ​This session will highlight current trends of and recommendations for Equitable Public Transportation. Hear from a regional transit commissioner, equity leaders, and renowned planners speak candidly about their approaches to redefine public transportation.


Driving Innovation to Create Aging-friendly Communities


We’ll discuss those components that make up beloved mixed-use cities and towns, how they work, and why they matter. We’ll explore a variety of housing types - including missing middle types – that energize neighborhoods and make them more vibrant. We’ll discuss the critical differences between building these types – which may be subtle differences from the outside but make a huge difference for the type’s performance in the marketplace either for sale or rent. We’ll discuss how the building codes impact the public realm, and provide examples of how zoning codes and building codes might conflict. Finally, we’ll discuss the impact of mobility choice on land yield, and why Transit-Oriented Development makes for more efficient, stronger communities.


Empowerment through Design to Create a Choice Neighborhood

6/24/2020 (Wednesday)

The HUD Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) employs a comprehensive approach to community transformation by helping stakeholders revitalize distressed public or assisted housing developments while investing in neighborhood and people projects that improve the quality of life for residents. Successful urban design and preservation efforts are vital to the success of a CNI Plan in order to help a disinvested community reach its full potential. This session will explore how residents are empowered to help create and utilize asset-based urban design and preservation techniques at both the neighborhood and site scales through hands-on visioning and youth engagement, the creation of early action projects and the identification of catalyst priority projects. The speaker will share examples from a series of seven Choice Neighborhoods Plans he has helped to lead and facilitate in diverse communities throughout the nation. Topics will include utilizing meaningful engagement and capacity building to achieve successful outcomes, balancing preservation and new development on historically recognized public housing properties, identifying vacant buildings and sites that can hold and accommodate new people programs, designing mixed-income developments that enhance community and connections with the surrounding neighborhood and improving perception through public improvements, branding and art.



Innovative Financing to Build Market Rate Apartments in Rural Areas


Creating new, market-rate rental housing in rural Wisconsin, like many rural areas, is challenging. As is often the case, new market-rate apartments cannot achieve rental rates high enough to cash flow their projects based on construction and financing costs. This webcast will explore creative financing options to develop market-rate apartments in rural areas.