HB 1492/SB 543 by Ordaz - Oppose? - Relating to the conveyance of property by a municipality for the public purpose of economic development. (Postponed until 5/10) Senate version is almost out of House committee. 

HB 4930/SB 1860 by Craddick - Oppose - Relating to the adoption of a climate policy in a municipal charter.

HB 2211/SB 784 by Landgraf - Oppose - Relating to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in this state and the express preemption of local regulation of those emissions. (96-43)

HB 3135 by Stucky - Oppose - Relating to the review, adoption, and modification of land development regulations by municipalities, counties, and certain special districts. (81-44)

HB 3591 by Shaheen - Oppose? - Relating to the allocation of low income housing tax credit.(123-8)


HB 3826 by Toth - Support - Relating to the time for processing a municipal building permit application. 

HB 3859 by Leo-Wilson - Oppose?/Support?- Relating to the approval of beach access and use plans by the commissioner of the General Land Office.

HB 4275 by Rogers - Oppose - Relating to territory in an emergency services district that is annexed by a municipality.

HB 1855 by Goodwin - Support - Relating to the designation of highway safety corridors; increasing a fine.

HB 2131 by Raymond - Support - Relating to the administration of the homeless housing and services program by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

HB 3921 by Goldman - Oppose - Relating to size and density requirements for residential lots in certain municipalities; authorizing a fee.

HB 4108 by Guillen - Oppose - Relating to subdivision plat requirements.


SB 2037 by Bettencourt - Oppose - Relating to the regulation of platting and subdivisions of land by a municipality or county. Set for hearing in Senate Local Government on Tuesday 5/16.

HB 3558 by Perez - Support - Relating to the operation of a motor vehicle at an intersection with a stop sign. Set for hearing in Senate Transportation on Wednesday 5/17.

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